How to use bonus codes when gambling online


How to use bonus codes when gambling online

Online casinos are known for providing promotions to keep their clients entertained and happy. There are several types to choose from, the Bodog bonus code Canada being just one of them. There are websites dedicated to gathering such codes from many online casinos and basically creating a database for users to browse. This allows players to easily make comparisons between casinos and offers to determine which one is best for their own interests. Let’s see how you use such codes to your advantage.

How bonus codes work

So, you found a code that gives you 10 free spins for a certain online slot game. What will you do next? First, you go to the online casino website and search for a place where you might insert the code. This might be either at the page where you fill in the payment details to make a deposit or if you have already done that, enter that particular game.

It really depends on what type of code you have. Some bonuses work only if you make a deposit while others work regardless. Either way, most codes come with clear instructions on how to redeem their offers, so no worries, you will eventually find a place to use it.

The best way to make sure you type in the correct code is to copy and paste it. also, don’t worry about capitalization. Once you find the field where you type the code, you automatically receive the benefit, in this case, the 10 free spins.

Welcome bonuses

Still, far more popular are the sign-up bonus codes for new players. You create an account, make a deposit and get extra casino credit that you have to turn into real money. Such offers sound like this: up to $300 first deposit 100% match bonus.

This means that if you deposit let’s say $100, you get $100 more in casino credit, meaning your balance will say you have $200 to spend at that casino. The $300 cap says that if you make a $400 deposit you won’t get $400, but only $300 extra credit because that’s the limit of the bonus.

Things you should know

Most casino offers are granted automatically when certain requirements are met, for example completing the first deposit. You no longer need to enter a code. In the event that such a code is actually needed, they’ll say so.

Another important thing about these bonus codes is that they tend to have an expiration date. The code is valid for a certain number of days. After that, it’s rendered useless. So, next time you search for codes online, make sure they are still available. It’s recommended to refine the search by adding the month or at least the year to your search query.

Don’t think that the extra casino money you get comes with no strings attached. In order for that money to become available for withdrawal, you have to wager it for a certain number of times. All this information is found in the bonus requirements section, so make sure to read it carefully before signing up.

They say the devil is in the fine print and they’re right. These requirements make the difference between so called promotions that benefit only the house and real offers that give the player real benefits. The house always wins, but this doesn’t mean the player can’t win too.