The steps required to activate a bonus code and tips to use it wisely


The steps required to activate a bonus code and tips to use it wisely

Bonus codes are very popular nowadays, being one of the main methods used by casinos to keep their customers happy and to reward their loyalty. Based on a specific combination of letters and numbers, players get extra casino credit. The following paragraphs will teach you how to use bonus codes to benefit from all the offers your online casino makes available for its players.

Find the code

This is the very first step. Most times, casinos make it remarkably easy by promoting a bonus code on their homepage or in a certain game they provide. Other times, the player must work a bit to find the code. For example, you might have to browse bonus code collection websites that gather the best offers from online casinos and put them in an organized directory for players to compare promotions easily.

There’s a third situation when bonus codes are given by partner websites. Let’s say you read a blog about casino games reviews. That blog might partner with the online casino to display a bonus code. The readers of that blog will inevitably find out about the code. This way, word gets out that the blog displays bonus codes from time to time and consequently, more readers subscribe, while the casino gets more players thanks to the blog’s willingness to display something that attracts new customers.

Enter the code

At this point, you go to the online casino website and look for a place where to write the bonus code. This can be on the cashier page after you make a deposit, in a specific tab of the My Account section or directly in the game for which the code applies. Either way, the code usually comes with instructions, so don’t worry, you will find a place to put it. It’s recommended to copy and paste the characters to avoid mistakes and frustration.

Enjoy the bonus

After you hit Submit or a similar corresponding button, you are free to reap the benefits brought by the code. Still, always read the requirements before using a code. The casino credit you get must be transformed into real money by wagering for a specific number of times. It’s all in the fine print. Try to understand how that particular bonus works in order to truly take advantage of it.


Look at as many bonuses as possible, and we’re not only talking about the bonus amount and conditions to obtain it. Compare bonuses based on how fast you can turn them into real money.

Stick to a budget. This is part of any gambling strategy. You should know that in order to turn bonuses into cash you have to wager the same amount of real money first, or some variation of this. Besides, bonuses are often awarded based on how much money you deposit. Most bonuses sound like this: x% match bonus up to $y. If the y amount is high, your deposit must be just as high to truly enjoy a bonus.

For example, the limit might be $5000 but if it’s a 100% match bonus, you have to deposit $5000 of your own to get the maximum bonus amount. It’s true there are no deposit bonuses too, but they are way smaller and usually consist in free bets or free spins at slots games.