MondoGoal: Site Review


MondoGoal: Site Review

Whether you’re reading this Mondogoal review out of curiosity or as a future player, it’s important to understand from the very beginning what fantasy football is. This is a skill-based game in which participants impersonate the general managers of virtual professional football teams that play in a real league.

Points are awarded based on the actual performances of the players in real-word competitions. There are two main types of fantasy sports: traditional and daily, the latter being an accelerated version in which the contests take place over shorter periods of time such as a week or a day.

MondoGoal is the leading daily fantasy sports website that focuses on soccer. People play fantasy football to win real money and have fun. It supports women’s sports too, thus being the first daily fantasy sports website to let players compete in women’s soccer events.

Supported leagues

MondoGoal allows players to enter contests in plenty of different leagues. Here’s a complete list:

  • England: Barclays Premier League, Football League Championship, League Cup
  • United States: Major League Soccer
  • France: Ligue 1
  • Italy: Serie A TIM
  • Brazil: Brasileirão
  • Spain: Ligue BBVA
  • Mexico: LigaMX
  • The Chinese Super League
  • The Russian Premier League
  • Turkey Süper Lig
  • International championships: UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, UEFA European Championship, the FA Cup, Copa America, the World Cup, and Women’s World Cup.

Moreover, there’s a unique feature that allows you to combine players from different leagues to create your dream team. Just imagine what damage you could do to your opponents if Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, Ibrahimović and Meynar would play together.

Who can sign up?

MondoGoal operates in legal settings. People from all over the UK and US can play without worrying about any legal issues as long as they are at least 18 years old (19 in Nebraska and Alabama). Residents of Canada, Ireland and Brazil can play for money too while people from other European countries are allowed to sign up but they can’t win real cash.

Mobile user experience

A great advantage of MondoGoal is its integration with mobile platforms. They developed a straightforward mobile app so that players can enter and track contests from any device that’s connected to the internet. However, there were a few complaints about a decreased level of fluidity compared to the desktop version of the website.

Winnings, withdrawals and deposit

If you take a look at the current list of top winners, you will see the person in the first place won a bit over £100k by playing on MondoGoal followed by someone else who won about £80k. It’s not winning the lottery but it is proof that you can make one year’s worth salary just by playing fantasy football.

You are free to withdraw your winnings at any time but it takes 3-5 business days for the money to actually reach your account. You will not be charged any fees on deposits, withdrawals or winnings. The only money that goes to MondoGoal comes from contests.

They accept deposits in $ and £ without the possibility of paying via PayPal. There’s no way to change your currency after you deposited it. All currency transactions are managed by your bank as MondoGoal does not offer any type of currency exchange.